I have not been as active with this project as I would like to be, but having a healthy infant son to provide for takes precedent. I don’t apologize for that. I am the living embodiment of the 14 words. To provide a future, I must first provide a stable, loving home. I am proud of my duties and I execute them with no regard for my personal wants, needs, or desires. This is the only rite of passage into manhood. Until you sacrifice for your children, you are not a man. 

I am disgusted by homosexuals and homosexuality. I hate the action and those responsible for it. Of course, you have Jews on the left trying to normalize the behavior and you have Christians on the right trying to normalize the man. Those camps they run are a complete joke. There is no fixing a man who is willing to have sex with another man. Pretending to talk to a Jewish god or reading ancient Jewish drivel won’t fix the mentality of a faggot. Hate the sinner, Hate the sin. There is no rehabilitation. The only cure for homosexuality is AIDS.

I am a pretty big fan of HIV/AIDS. I don’t follow sports, so I root for AIDS instead. The only people who seem to get it are faggots, niggers, junkies, and whores. Like most of the “problems” Whites are supposed to finance a solution for, it doesn’t seem to affect Whites who are acting White. You know who doesn’t get AIDS? People in committed relationships who don’t share needles. People who are decent enough to strive to provide for a family and are too busy to be promiscuous. People who don’t have sex with the type of people who could give them AIDS. People with priorities and goals. Its a very easy disease to avoid…for good people. If we want to end homosexuality (or let it end itself), we need to fight back against the guilt-party served up to us by the Jewish scum that promoted the lifestyle to begin with. Let the faggots mingle until they all die off. One by one, they will fall prey to the very promiscuity defended by Jews since the 60’s. AIDS is nature’s way of advancing evolution. Motivated and capable Europeans will continue to remain unaffected. Sodomites and underdeveloped niggers will continue to infect themselves and others to achieve their short-sighted sexual goals. 

I hate homosexuals and anything Jewish, but I have to admit, part of me is overjoyed when I discover a queer Jew. The knowledge that they will not be procreating and that their 2% of the population will dwindle even further makes me happy. I feel the same way when I come across dipshit atheist Jews who preach about “how overpopulated the world is” and refuse to breed. I am happy to see that the devices intended for use against Europeans are beginning to cause irreparable harm to the Jews themselves. 

Lest we forget Africa. Those ape-people have been systemically spreading the virus and they can’t even comprehend systems. With the backwards methods of treatment they have there (which literally involve a witch doctor from a neighboring tribe trying to get rid of the virus from a woman by raping it out of her) its no wonder that blacks are dying off left and right. According to the CDC, 97% of the world’s HIV/AIDS is in Sub-Saharan Africa. For every nigger bitching about “racism” in America, more die of AIDS in Africa. Those that don’t die of AIDS are getting shot to death by other niggers. Those that don’t get shot to death somehow manage to starve to death on the most resource-rich continent on the planet. There are tribes in Ethiopia that have lived on the Omo river for thousands of years and never figured out how to fish. I have no sympathy for dead blacks. 

I know that some people reading this will assume that I am speaking these opinions from a Christian standpoint. Nothing could be further from the truth. I am in no way a Christian, I vehemently reject the Bible as a Jewish rag and I don’t find its message of blind submission to Jewish doctrine as worthy of wiping my ass with. The left constantly wants to attribute anti-homosexual thoughts with pro-Christian thoughts. I want to state plainly that the two ideologies have a point where they overlap, but they are not as intertwined as those responsible for the deluge of disgusting LGBT filth in modern culture would like you to think. Nobody hates faggots because they are religious. Those of us who hate faggots do so because we are human


News update on the Varg and Marie situation

I have a lot of respect for you and your work. Your continued diligence and adherence to truth is commendable. I’m glad that mind of yours is coupled with the action of spreading your valuable opinions. Thank you for including the links to the clandestine efforts of the French government. You are an asset to any and all who seek truth. Keep up the great work, kinsman. None of it is in vain.

Varg Vikernes

Yesterday morning I awoke to horrible news. As many of you already know, Varg Vikernes was  arrested on trumped up charges that amount to thoughtcrime at best, and at worst (and more realistically) singular persecution due to his beliefs not being in line with the Jewish narrative. 

I am sick to my stomach. The lack of information on his arrest speaks volumes. His good wife, Marie, LEGALLY purchased firearms and due to Varg being the outspoken leader of an unofficial movement, they decided they would use any excuse to take him down. This situation bothers me for so many reasons, I have yet to count them all. 

First of all, Varg is being slandered in the Jewish media (no surprises there) by linking him to a man who spilled innocent Norwegian blood in an attempt to spread his Zionist Christian bullshit. Breivik is getting just as much coverage in this story as “neo-nazi black metal musician” Varg’s past. The media has used quotes from Thulean Perspective, yet, I have not seen a link to it. They certainly do not want anyone reading Varg’s personal description of his so-called “relationship” with Breivik. British Zionists over at went so far as to refer to Varg as a “Anders Breivik sympathizer”. Jews have some fucking nerve. 

They cant seem to bring up Varg without going over the same “OMG HE BURNED A CHURCH” road. Nearly every word of every article I have read concerning this is dripping with emotional words chosen to illicit specific responses from the unthinking masses. “Neo-Nazi” has been a favorite. I don’t believe I have read a single article that hasn’t used it. I have yet to see him referred to as a proud European Odalist who provides a life for his family consistent with the ideals of our collective forebears. 

A citizen of a country legally purchasing firearms should never be questioned. I don’t give a damn who that citizen might be “connected” with. The right to defend yourself is a natural one. There is no reason to assume from anything Varg has said that he was/is planning to kill any group of people, save those who would try to enter his land and harm his family. Every human on the planet has the right to defend their family by any means. For the sadistic Holocaust-promoting scum that run France to sidestep that right altogether and arrest a man on an assumption of possible action is crossing way too many lines. They have the media on their side and the “Court of Public Opinion” is set against Brother Varg from the onset. Where will the voice come from to speak out against these Orwellian actions? They won’t listen to any American that isn’t affiliated with AIPAC or a major bank. It will have to come from the French. It needs to come from the French. It probably won’t come from the French.

We are at a crossroads. We know that the media is paying attention to what we say, and more importantly, we know that our governments are monitoring what we say. The only course of action, so far as I can tell, Is to continue speaking the truth. If they are going to be monitoring our posts, we might as well educate those who are assigned to read it. 

I have an enormous amount of respect for this man. My son’s middle name is Wolf for a reason. His blog is our generation’s “Mein Kampf”, and we get to read it in real-time. My anger is magnified by my concern for Marie and the children. Even if they were not physically harmed, they were needlessly traumatized. The French government openly committed an act of terrorism against Varg, Marie, and their family. They are deliberately trying to scare Varg away from spreading truth. I highly doubt they will succeed in that effort. I await the return of the Wolf. 

HailaR WôðanaR!

HailaR Varg!

June 2013

Nearly everything has changed over the course of this month. I welcomed a happy, healthy 8lb son into the world. I am less than 2 months away from owning land, and honestly I have never been this happy in my adult life. 

The hospital visit was interesting. I found myself watching cable television for the first time in a long time. I found myself captivated by this “Trayvon Martin” case. How a liberal, registered democrat Puerto Rican Jew becomes a “creepy-ass cracker” is beyond me. I guess a mudrace can become white by killing a thug. Don’t get me wrong. I actually praise Zimmerman for being a good enough neighbor to report suspicious behavior outside a home that had been broken into previously. If I had to live next to a Puerto Rican Jew, I would hope they were vigilant enough to know that no black kids should be peering into my window on a rainy night. He was determined to keep crime out of his neighborhood and he defended himself when he was attacked. I do not blame him for the actions he took. 

I find the coverage of this story to be quite interesting. Trayvon Martin is portrayed as a darling boy with a bright future and a good head on his shoulders on a nearly constant basis. They ignore that the only reason he was in that neighborhood in the first place is he was serving a 10 day suspension for being in possession of tools used for burglary. Something tells me he lacked the credentials to be a locksmith which he would have needed to purchase the equipment. I have also read he was suspended for having a baggie with “marijuana residue” in it. That would have led to an arrest, not a suspension. Look it up. The media has even said Trayvon was coming home from work when this happened. Trayvon Martin lived in Miami Gardens, Florida…That is a 3hr and 37 min drive from where he died. This kid was no angel. He was no innocent victim. The media has been harping this narrative that Trayvon was some poor kid who was racially profiled by a deranged white man (right…) who shot him in cold blood. He was a degenerate piss-stain who was in the neighborhood visiting his deadbeat father’s girlfriend. He got shot by a man he attacked. His neighbor’s say he was standing over the man (who evidence shows never threw a punch) and he got put down like the beast he was. The giant stack of roast beef that testified on his behalf was a good representation of my current neighborhood. I know a lot of people who say this case is racially charged, and it is, but these puppet-niggers are so busy drooling over Kim Kardashian’s desert-ape that they actually believe that George Zimmerman is a white man. It would seem the media is doing what it can to isolate the white population in Dixie. 

This leads me to Exhibit B. The media’s heinous treatment of Mrs. Paula Deen. It is seemingly ok for Trayvon’s fat mongreless to say “cracker” and we are to accept that as a “cultural” thing, whereas Paula Deen says “nigger” and she is being treated like a leper. She has done more for the black community than any of these so called “stars” in the so-called “black culture”. Paula Deen gave them a job, where they earn money that wasn’t handed to them. She rewarded hard work with promotions and gave them a chance to advance themselves professionally and personally. None of the rappers are out there paying blacks to learn transferable job skills to provide for themselves. They are promoting dealing drugs and robbing people who work for a living. Her biggest mistake was ever giving the black community any sort of a chance. She was too nice to a people who are incapable of gratitude. She doesn’t deserve what she is being put through. 

I find it interesting that the media has been pushing the division of whites and blacks in the South. Is it because they know whites here will not take it? Are they going to try and use the massive unrest the Trayvon Martin verdict will cause to implement martial law in Dixie? They know that blacks are reactionary and they can simply flash a few buzz words on a television to get them riled up. They also know that the blacks would be overpowered to an extent they cannot currently fathom. It seems as though the Juden are trying to kill two birds with one stone, so to speak. They are trying to get rid of the bottom of the food chain (organisms that cannot feed themselves) while at the same time trying to attack the largest bastion of private gun ownership on the planet. America cannot fall while Dixie stands. The Jews have known this since the beginning. Its time that we recognize this and brace ourselves. These next few years are going to be big. 

The world I raise my son in will be vastly different from the one I grew up in. I think he will be one of a generation with a greater racial identity than the previous. I am a naturally optimistic person. I do not discount the trials and hardships we will undergo during these times, but, I honestly believe in my heart that we will rise above this challenge as we have from every previous attempt to conquer us. I think white people are starting to wake up. It is a slow but sure event. This happens every so often. Europeans wake up in droves to the systemic attack the Juden are undertaking on a daily basis. When we realize it, we deal with it. Europeans around the world will soon realize the truth, so long as we never stop speaking it.