DOJ: Gay feelings are more important than Straight feelings

DOJ: Gay feelings are more important than Straight feelings

It is now deemed “offensive” to use words like “husband” and “wife” in the workplace at the good ole DOJ. Those terms are “gender-specific” and should not be uttered by any “enlightened” employee of the DOJ. They go so far as to include a sob story from some cross-dressing pervert about how it hurts his feelings when people dont call him a “her” and debate which bathroom this freak should use. This is disgusting. Right under that bullshit (section titled: Use Inclusive Language) states that managers at the DOJ should praise diversity in their meetings and also to be sure to explain that diversity includes grown “men” who wear dresses. It says you should call employees by their “chosen name” and to use pronouns consistent with their “self-identified gender”. WHAT THE FUCK? As an American (i.e. someone who pays for the Department of Justice) this pisses me off. Why are they wasting time and (stolen) money publishing this kind of shit? 

It is not ok for me to say that I have a wife at home, but it is ok for gay employees of the DOJ to “come out” to their managers and the managers are expected to respond respectfully and supportively. It goes so far as to say that you should not “judge, or remain silent. Silence will be interpreted as disapproval”. 

I cant believe what I am reading, but I should not be surprised. It is consistent with the celebration of tolerance and so-called equality I have had shoved down my throat since I was in Kindergarten. I wonder when the word “kindergarten” will be replaced with some PC-friendly term. It is German and Germans are the ultimate symbol of intolerance in America. 

I feel sorry for any actual Americans working for the DOJ. I say that loosely because I do not believe that any true American goes to work for their government in a bureaucratic position.

Jews have been pushing this tolerance bullshit for DECADES. Now it has come full circle and the discrimination is only aimed at the traditional family. If gays need to be recognized on a professional level as professionals, I have no problem with that. i get that it could be considered ‘unprofessional” to call some dude a faggot in front of clients. However, for these people to come up with a speadsheet listing the do’s and dont’s of how to treat these people crosses a line with me. What about the straight people who are offended by the word “partner”? I would never call my wife my “partner” or “spouse”. She is my WIFE and I would not be ok with anyone calling her otherwise. What action would I have as a DOJ employee? Even filing a report would probably land you in a Jewish re-education program. Gays are not equal to straights. They cannot produce children of their own (naturally) and they cannot raise a child in a well-rounded environment. They cannot compare sodomy with the sexual union my child was conceived in. I would say that they can take their agenda and shove it, but they would enjoy that. 


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