Convenience vs Freedom

Summer starts early in Georgia. Our famous humidity is in full swing and, around here, this time of year is when air-conditioning can be your best friend. You are immediately aware of any problems with your air-conditioning unit and if you have a family that depends on it for comfort, getting the unit in proper functioning order is a primary objective.

At present, I have a wife who has just reached her 9th month of pregnancy. Never at any point has the air-conditioning unit’s job been more important, and never at any point have I been made more aware of Negro incompetence.

As I have stated previously, I live in an apartment. Part of living in an apartment in America generally means signing a lease agreement that states that you do not own the apartment or the appliances in it. As a result of this, you are generally not allowed to do repairs on appliances in your home. With our previous maintenance man, we never had any problems with this arrangement. He was a diligent, hard-working Hungarian immigrant who put forth the time and effort necessary to complete the task in front of him. Our last air-conditioning unit was built in the 1940’s and we never had the slightest hint of a problem with it. He would come by periodically to change the filter, but other than that, there was never any issue with it. Fast forward to March of this year. Our handyman had departed from us because he received a MUCH better job offer and was replaced by the uppity Negro property manager by one of her race. He came in and replaced the “outdated” unit we had that had never malfunctioned to a “new” model that has gone haywire 3 times in as many months. Each time he comes out to “repair” the unit, he does nothing more than change the filter and promise to return the next day with “the rest of what he needs to fix it”. Needless to say, he never returns. I confronted him about repeating the same lie (which of course he denied ever saying) and I received a letter from the aforementioned Negro property manager about “respecting the staff”.

If you are ever in any position where you have to rely on one of these sub-humans for your comfort, you might as well get used to being uncomfortable. They will never perform any job to satisfaction. I do not know if it is a cultural laziness or an inability to comprehend any multi-faceted system (probably both), but either way, nearly every black who I have ever had to deal with in regards to maintenance has had to have his work corrected by a white.

He and this apartment showed no remorse for their inaction or show any signs of fixing this piece of shit unit I had forced upon me at their behest. As a result, I have rigged up a fan system and filled a lot of bags full of ice to keep my love cool during this hot Georgia day.

It was during this time that I realized the diametric opposition of convenience vs freedom. I traded the convenience of having someone ensure my comfort for the freedom of putting my own effort into it. All too often in this country we trade freedom for convenience. We elect the convenience of buying a McDonald’s burger over the responsibility that comes with the freedom attained by growing and raising our own food. We elect the convenience of having a television deliver us our entertainment and forego the freedom of our own imaginations. We elect the convenience of having clandestine politicians tell us how we can live our lives and forego all purpose in life by neglecting the freedom this country was founded on.

Of course, none of these examples are without MAJOR consequences. By foregoing freedom and responsibility, our health suffers drastically, our minds become rotted with Jewish television, and our rights are eradicated on a monthly basis by the Zionist Congress.  The combination of malnutrition from fast food and genetically modified groceries coupled with the barrage of indoctrination from every channel leads to a situation where we are too lazy and fat to bother with reclaiming our rights. In fact, We are so lazy that we don’t even bother to research what our rights even are (that article will come soon).

Prison is convenient. You don’t have to worry about paying rent, providing food for yourself, planning your own schedule, picking out your own clothes, paying for your medical treatment. I have heard Negroes say “I aint worried bout goin to prison, thas justa free bed”. I have never heard of a white man who would enjoy incarceration because for all of these supposed “conveniences”, the fact that you have to forego your freedom to attain it makes it detestable beyond death itself.

I theorize this is a reason why there are so many blacks in jail and so many whites in the “right-wing extremist” movement. Why more and more whites are telling me they are unsubscribing from their cable service and focusing more on studying history, deactivating their facebook accounts, and spending face to face quality time with their families and friends. Once they take those first few steps, it becomes easy for them to see the Zionist influence that had a hold of their minds through the “convenient” ways they had occupied their time previously.

I took these steps and will continue to take more. These are the steps down the path of wisdom. When you open your eyes and see the world around you for what it is, you are faced with a choice. Do you want the convenience of the Jewish society that is burying itself deeper in shit by the second, or do you want freedom and the responsibility that comes along with it? I’ll tell you this much, I sleep a lot better at night after a hard day’s work than I ever did after a day of watching television.

I cannot wait until I can move my family out to the countryside where we can live our lives the way they are meant to be lived. Until then, I will continue reading instead of watching. I will continue speaking instead of texting, i will continue cooking instead of buying, and I will continue speaking truth and forego the convenience of keeping my mouth shut.


2 thoughts on “Convenience vs Freedom

  1. Well said, more and more people are waking up. It is only a matter of time before we can rid ourselves of this plague. It makes me glad to see others doing things for themselves and trying to create a healthy and nurturing environment for their children. I wish you and your family luck.

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