Almighty Google kisses Zionist ass.

Almighty Google kisses Zionist ass.

Once I was made aware of the Jews unscrupulous intentions and their Zionist media control, I started doing a lot of research into organizations to try and determine who’s side they are on. Today, I had a conversation about Ross Perot and his stalwart pursuance of the Presidency, regardless of his ability to win. I went to Google and ran a search on “Ross Perot Jew”…I was greeted by the disclaimer I linked to. 

Out of curiosity, i ran additional searches for “goyim” and found no sort of Google-sanctioned apology or disclaimer. I also searched “mick” “gentile” “nigger” “wetback” “chink” “camel jockey” and also “white man”. Not a SINGLE one of these searches prompted any cushioning from Google as to what I was reading. 

I have always heard “If it seems too good to be true, It probably is”. Google provides us with access to any information we can think of for free. Or do they? We know that they keep a record of what searches people make. What is the purpose of collecting all of that information? Is it to further streamline a free service? Doubtful. 

I think Google is a primary tool in the plan to ensnare us under unified Zionist control. The searches people submit on a daily basis provide Google with what people are interested in, in real time. In the same way the Facebook has people willingly providing up-to-date information on their whereabouts, contacts, opinions, and what they look like, Google has people willingly admitting their deepest and darkest secrets to the machine. Google searches are all recorded and stored (presumably forever) and there has to be a reason beyond “making sure we are getting you what you want!”. 

I ask you: Is this a revelation, or is this a response to the Jews who play the victim card perpetually


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