Tennessee Does Us Proud!

Looks like Dixie is waking up from her beauty sleep.

The White Tea Room

Hail Tennessee!  A roomful of White Tennesseans challenged, rebuked, and BOOOOOED vile, despicable, filthy, rotten to the core,  Die-versity-slurping and swallowing Race Disgrace Bill Killian,  Official East TN District Race Traitor, and some low-like ZOG THUG FBI vermin named Kenneth Moore.

Those two repulsive Golem attempted to hold a public indoctrination/intimidation meeting, on behalf of Muslims, on June 4th, on te sacred soil of the small town of Manchester, East, TN. The proud and righteous  White Citizens didn’t swallow the Poisoned Pill of Tolerance for their Own Displacement  for one single second! Good on ’em!

The crows was so rowdy and insistent, that the worthless, nauseating  scoundrels shut the Agitprop session down early, and left. They fled. The “authorities” fled the building.

This is how it’s done!

We Racialists hear a lot of utter nonsense, usually from within our own alleged ranks. “Be patient”. “Keep a low profile”. “Don’t cause a scene.” “Be polite and respectful”.

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