The Act of 1871

Too few of us know the difference between the “United States” and “America”. Too few of us know that there are TWO separate Constitutions. Too few of us know the difference between “being” a person and “having” a person. We are not free….but we can be. The first step in attaining freedom is understanding what the wool over our eyes looks like, that we may remove it.

The Act of 1871

In 1871, Congress made a few moves that would forever change the way that the People interacted with their government. The first was the passing of the Act of 1871, which granted Congress 10 square miles for a Capital (Washington D.C.) and also incorporated the government. This incorporation is known as UNITED STATES (in all caps). This corporation is the mechanism by which the government does business, purchases money from the Jewish Federal Reserve, privatizes the prisons, privatizes the military, and pretty much every other action they take that makes people say to themselves “How is that legal?” The second and worse action was the writing of a second Constitution. This frivolous document is referred to as the Constitution OF the United States. This document does nothing more than detail the governments authority in Washington D.C. and its territories.  

The collateral that is used by UNITED STATES in order to secure massive loans for ridiculous spending projects (that invariably benefit Israel) is the efforts and labor of the People. They issue a bond at your birth and it has unlimited commercial capacity. It is called your “Birth Certificate” and you are even issued a bond number called your “Social Security Number”. The combination of these two documents forms your “person”. You are not a person, you HAVE a person. You hear the phrase “A corporation is a person” in economic terms, that is true, what they dont tell you is that your person is also a corporation. Anytime you see your first, middle, and last name in all caps, that is your person. 

This is Draconian, but if you understand this truth, then you can begin to free yourself from it. For when you understand that the UNITED STATES is a corporation and the only authority they have over you is by interacting with your person coupled with your physical consent, you are free. If you have two free-standing corporations, one can only have control over the other through contracts…which is exactly how our system works. Freedom is the realm you enter when you refuse to contract with them. Those under the contract are referred to as “United States citizens”. Nowhere in any documentation are subjects of the contract referred to as “Americans” because quite simply, these documents do not apply to Americans. Americans are their own authority. This is the truth that the Jewish public school system, the Jewish media, and the Jewish diversity propaganda do NOT want you to know. There is no authority in this Nation that says you must pay taxes to give money to the government so they can buy Israel a bunch of nice new toys to commit genocide with. There is no authority in this land that says you must vaccinate your children by shooting metallic poison into their bodies. There is no authority in this land that can take your children away from you….unless you consent to it. 

Washington D.C. was given 10 square miles. Their authority only exists within those 10 square miles…so how the HELL are they able to claim authority anywhere else? Easily, and 99/100 times with the consent of the unenlightened “United States citizen”. Look at UNITED STATES “law”…THERE ARE NO LAWS! We have “Acts” “Statutes” “Codes” “Policy” No law…not a single law have been passed since 1871. You cannot go to jail for breaking a code. You can only accept the “benefit/privilege” of being “corrected”. Its totally ridiculous, but that is how contract “law” works. Don’t EVER give consent. A judge says “Take off your hat in my courtroom” you tell him “Show me the law that says I have to”. He wont be able to. He just wants your physical consent. The Bailiff says “All rise”, don’t. Don’t give them any of your consent. If you do, then you deserve what happens to you after that. Americans don’t go to jail. United States citizens go to jail.

This Nation was founded on a very simple concept. A beautiful concept that is so far removed from us today that we are not only incapable of recognizing it, we are literally terrified of it. The individual is sovereign. The individual is his own master. The individual is best suited to determine the best course for his own life. This concept was emblazoned on our founding document The Constitution FOR the United States. In this document, the individual was sovereign, the government was subservient. As a result, the original Constitution was a set of declarations on behalf of the Common Man, and also a set of prohibitions on the scope and function of the federal government. This document surpasses all others for Americans. I would ask my kinsman in other Nations to make that distinction. The “American government” doesn’t exist. The “United States” is deserving of your hatred. The United States is a ruthless jew-infested shithole whereas, Americans would never dream of spreading “democracy” because a true American doesn’t believe in forcing others to think the way they do. There is no such thing as a Zionist American. The entire United States government is Zionist. The lack of distinction between the two is intentional, that you would view us all as idiots with no passion or conviction. Why would anyone want to listen to a passionless moron with no conviction? Our media does the same with other nations. It makes sense, since we are fighting the same enemy after all.

Now that we can recognize the wool, lets remove it from our eyes and stand as one against the international enemy threatening our race. True Americans and True Europeans are one blood. We are separated only by our location. I stand by my Hungarian kin, My Scandinavian kin, my Canadian kin. I hold each and every one of you in my best regard. I do not believe I am in any position to tell you how to live your life, nor would I want to. That is the philosophy of a true American. The media wont show those like me to you in any positive light, they will wrap the words “freedom” and “liberty” around the same bomb that our de facto corporate government drops on a village to “help protect Israel”. We do not associate ourselves with the UNITED STATES. nor their actions. The Juden cannot win a war they have to fight in two theaters. Be that a physical war, or a philosophical one. 


4 thoughts on “The Act of 1871

  1. Wow, I’m so happy I came across this blog. This post hits the nail right on the head; its very refreshing to see other proud Americans with the same perspective and insight! Its information like this that needs to be put out in the open to strengthen the American opposition against the “United States of Judea” that has corrupted this once proud nation. Keep up the good work brother!

  2. Reblogged this on Originism and commented:
    A fellow Georgian struggles to free his people from all things kosher by smuggling through information hardly found elsewhere, and for good reason – I’m glad to have you in my frontyard, brother.

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