Reporting from Uganda

Ok, I am not actually anywhere near Uganda, but if you pulled into my apartment complex, you would be hard pressed to find a visual difference. I cannot put into any human language how unbelievably disgusting it is to be surrounded by these undeveloped beasts. It is so repulsive, it has actually made my teeth feel like they were itchy. I pulled into the parking lot after working all day (something these wannabe rappers know nothing about) and witness two oversized black “women” engaged in a shouting match. Hopefully, you are reading this from a location where blacks are not a part of your everyday life. If you are lucky enough to be in that position, I should explain that black “women” arguing consists of two sets of fat lips flapping over blue gums each repeating one sentence ad nauseum, ad infintium. 

I stood there…watching these two unemployed Jerry Springer guests literally scream one sentence a piece (which by the way, neither sentence was grammatically correct to any degree) for about 7 minutes. Even though I live among this trash, and have for far too long, I was shocked. For some reason, seeing that argument actually shocked me. The lack of intelligence that it takes to feel like you are accomplishing anything whatsoever by screaming one sentence in broken nigger “English” repeatedly is incomprehensible to me. 

This situation is not unique by any standard. It is a commonplace occurrence anytime one black “woman” feels “disrespected” by any other human being (or subhuman filth). They repeat a sentence like their life depends on it. They also have a tendency to clap their hands with each word as if they are trying to emphasize. The problem is that they clap their hands with every single word. Its like highlighting every word on a page.  

Seriously, the next time you are upset with one of your fellow European kin…remember that  at least the two of you can discuss the situation in paragraphs. You can agree to disagree on certain topics. You can find supporting evidence to strengthen your claims. You dont have to resort to yelling a sentence just to yell. 

I guess I can thank these trashy African bitches for reminding me how much better we are. 


9 thoughts on “Reporting from Uganda

  1. I know exactly how you feel, brother. I am able to hear all the yelling and screaming (even “normal” conversations among blacks are like this) from my living room…with my windows shut…and my doors closed…

    • I know! It’s insane. It’s like since none of them work, they take shifts on making unnecessary amounts of noise. I have one set of “neighbors” that talks way too fucking loud (usually about “haters” and how “they don’t be knowing me like that”). Then when they finally stop squawking, another group of welfare recipients plays “music” which I can hear the one-note bass that continues usually until 3am or later. I daydream about hearing birds instead of blacks. October cannot come quickly enough. I guess it’s good to get a little more hatred built up to remind me of the cost of urban “convenience”.

      • It *thankfully* doesn’t happen often, but there have been times where somebody would pull up across the street or drive by with that “music” blasting at volumes that should cause deafening.(!) I’m hoping to do a video post about my neighborhood and town soon. I don’t have a precise date yet, because I need to have as few people out (so as to not seem too bloody obvious) and I’m getting married this weekend.
        Oh, and urban “convenience” is absolute bullshit! I’ll take ancient Sparta over Chicago or Detroit any day!

  2. Our blacks up here are even blacker. You may have blacks named Dontavius and DeAndre, but we have blacks named Achmed Jihad Muhammad and Ugabuga Clit-Cutter.

    • Thankfully, our local Islamic population is properly scared shitless. They understand that they do not run anything around here. Our blacks in Atlanta are so aligned with Martin Luther king jr that they suck the teat of any black A.M.E. preacher. I agree. If you are dealing with those Nation of Islam niggers…I can’t say I envy you, kinsman.

      • Nation of Islam, the American black supremacist group, no. Somalians, yes. We have more “brown people” of various breeds though.

  3. I used to live in a building full of negroes until a year and a half ago. Hell on earth. They were just annoying by their very nature, but of course they go out of their way to be extra annoying just because they hate Whites so much.
    Hopefully you will get the hell out of there soon.

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