An Open Letter to White Christians

Let me start by saying that there are a lot of great qualities that I can easily use to describe the vast majority of Christians I have met. I come from a Christian family and attended a Christian high school. Most of you are great people. You understand the importance of the Constitution. You give without thinking of how giving will affect you negatively. You are the group in this Nation that pays the most attention to the chipping away of our society. You want what is best for your family and you are usually the kind of people that enjoy tradition. I have seen a White Christian man get spit on while volunteering at a homeless shelter. He simply smiled at the black who spit on him, handed him his food, and told him he would pray for him. 

That event happened almost 10 years ago today. There are a lot of “virtues” that the White man showed. He was forgiving, patient, empathetic, kind in the face of aggression, resistant to show any anger himself, humble, and resilient. He stuck to his principles when most men would have flipped out. 

I want you to ask yourself a question. Is it a virtue to continue to feed a man (who can’t feed himself, obviously) when he attacks you? Is it virtuous to forgive those who will still hold you in contempt, no matter how many free meals you feed him? Are these “virtues” actually virtuous, or are they simply a celebration of forced weakness?

The most dangerous of all “virtues” is that you “turn the other cheek”. This mentality has opened a door that has allowed for the systemic eradication of our entire race. Christianity is not a religion of, for, or by the people. It is a system of, by, and for the Juden. The supposed “savior” came to save the Jews. His story was written and presented by Jews. He was a champion of Jewish laws. He stated plainly that he had no intention of changing the Jewish law. The disciples were Jews. Paul/Saul was a Jew who wrote the majority of the New Testament. The New Testament was written primarily in Greek. It was not intended for a Jewish audience. 

I understand the internal struggle associated with abandoning the faith of your family. I have been through it myself. However, I find it interesting that The Old Testament (obviously written for Jews) is full of triumphant war stories and justifications for violence, whereas the New Testament (written for Europeans) has a recurring theme of submission in the face of adversity. It preaches inadequacy of the individual and stresses collectivism in paving the path for the “return” of Jesus. Ask yourself…Why would Jews want to spread a message of weak collectivism to Europeans that they themselves have no intention of following?  Under what other circumstances could they gain a European army to fight the battles they would never win? By eliminating all other deities, and lumping Judea and Europe together under one god, they were able to manipulate European empathy to protect Jerusalem.

We all know that Christmas was not originally a Christian holiday, We know that Easter was not either. These holidays were hijacked to convince Europeans of the time that this religion was just as practical as the path their fathers had taught them. This also ensured that within a few generations, Europeans would be confused as to the original purpose of the holidays at all. Both holidays became centered around Jewish deities and locations. This was no accident. This information alone should enrage you. 

We have seen European lives sacrificed to protect Jerusalem under many guises. You need not look to history, you can simply look to current U.S/Israel relations. At present, the United States alone allocates $3.1 BILLION in military aid alone. If you are paying any attention to our economy, it does not make ANY sense for us to be giving $3.1 BILLION a year to ANYBODY. Try doing a search for how much money Israel gives to us annually….good luck!

Christianity is the device by which Europeans have been enslaved mentally and spiritually for the past 2,013 years. It is not easy to abandon the faith of your fathers, but when you realize that you could trade it for the superior faith of your forebears…It is pretty hard to deny which is better for our race in the long run. 

Again, I have nothing against any of you as individuals, or even really as a group. I honestly am not writing any of this to offend any of you, only to ask you to ask yourself some important questions. The vast majority are simply practicing the religion your families raised you in. We trust our parents (Why shouldn’t we? After all, they are good people) and we don’t question when they tell us to adhere to virtue. The Jews understood that quality and exploited it to their advantage.The good qualities you gain from Christianity are European. That adherence to family structure and tradition is a good thing. I only ask that you reconsider which traditions you will pass to your families down the line. 


10 thoughts on “An Open Letter to White Christians

  1. You’ve got it. I wrote two articles which touch on these issues.

    “The Devil at the Crossroads – A Critical Juncture for the White Man”


    “The True Meaning of Yule”.

      • Yes. It’s typical atheist jargon. It means something that can be proven to really exist, not a spook in the sky, not a figment of the imagination. So, if one is to make decisions pertaining to the real world, one should not consult books of fantasy and myth about flying people in the sky.

      • What is “existence”? Until you define that, you have no criteria to base what actually “exists”. Have you ever seen undeniable proof that no deities exist? Have you ever seen any proof that there is no life beyond this one? Have you ever seen what “scientists” call “real” described in any certain terms? No. Because they have to leave disclaimer room for later when what they think they know now comes crashing down in the face of new evidence. I have yet to see any evidence against the existence of deities…and yet so many “scientifically-minded” people seem to have no problem making that assumption.

        Do you have any proof that people have never flown in the sky? Do you honestly look at history and see humanity has been improving over the past few thousand years we have on record? If you do, then I suggest you stop reading Juden-approved trash.

  2. Bless you. You express these truths in such a plain and concise fashion. Please bear in mind – Vlad Tepes was a White Christian as well. He kept Europe safe for Christianity, for 400 years, until foolish modern people forgot to BE Christians. He did not do this by feeding those who spat on him.

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