Fake outrage

Fake outrage

Maybe if Paula Deen had bedazzled it on a jacket it would have just been considered fun and fashionable.


12 thoughts on “Fake outrage

    • I refuse to tolerate ‘reverse racism’ from the descendants of Ham. I look upon them and say to myself if God, and mother nature cursed you to wear black for eternity then why is it my fault? I call them what they are! They are biological worthlessness, just look at how they run a city up there in Michigan. Welfare city, and state! Not to mention the terrible Obozo Administration.

  1. Carl Bernstein can say “Jewish Neocons”, The Black Panther Party can call for killing White people, but as soon as a European person says anything remotely racial…all hell breaks loose!?

    Grow up, Liberals! Some of us just have different opinions!

  2. I have had the joyous experience of dining at her restaurant in Savannah, GA. It was expensive and worth every single penny. Hands down, BEST sweet potatoes on the planet. She is a genuinely sweet lady and it makes me sick to think that she is being attacked for saying “nigger” in any context. I never watched her show on any regular basis, but I am saddened that she will suffer financially and reputationally for being honest. She deserves better. She is a shining example of how sweet Dixie can be.

  3. Paula Deen makes a few playful jokes regarding blacks, its hellfire and brimstone for her… While these unevolved idiots make a fashion statement out of “nigger” and people like Katt Williams make their fortunes off “white jokes”; its glamourized and considered entertainment… Makes perfect sense… Heh… Its things like this that make me glad I’m detached from the bullshit Jew owned & operated liberal media.

  4. A fellow Yank, unfortunately I must say it seems the modern true Americans are afraid of their cultural identity. If we can over come this then we can over come this multicultural Marxism. I am too disgusted with the modern ‘American’ degeneracy. We must as Anglo-Saxons restore our nation. No more foreigners! Deport the Negroes back to Africa.

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