June 2013

Nearly everything has changed over the course of this month. I welcomed a happy, healthy 8lb son into the world. I am less than 2 months away from owning land, and honestly I have never been this happy in my adult life. 

The hospital visit was interesting. I found myself watching cable television for the first time in a long time. I found myself captivated by this “Trayvon Martin” case. How a liberal, registered democrat Puerto Rican Jew becomes a “creepy-ass cracker” is beyond me. I guess a mudrace can become white by killing a thug. Don’t get me wrong. I actually praise Zimmerman for being a good enough neighbor to report suspicious behavior outside a home that had been broken into previously. If I had to live next to a Puerto Rican Jew, I would hope they were vigilant enough to know that no black kids should be peering into my window on a rainy night. He was determined to keep crime out of his neighborhood and he defended himself when he was attacked. I do not blame him for the actions he took. 

I find the coverage of this story to be quite interesting. Trayvon Martin is portrayed as a darling boy with a bright future and a good head on his shoulders on a nearly constant basis. They ignore that the only reason he was in that neighborhood in the first place is he was serving a 10 day suspension for being in possession of tools used for burglary. Something tells me he lacked the credentials to be a locksmith which he would have needed to purchase the equipment. I have also read he was suspended for having a baggie with “marijuana residue” in it. That would have led to an arrest, not a suspension. Look it up. The media has even said Trayvon was coming home from work when this happened. Trayvon Martin lived in Miami Gardens, Florida…That is a 3hr and 37 min drive from where he died. This kid was no angel. He was no innocent victim. The media has been harping this narrative that Trayvon was some poor kid who was racially profiled by a deranged white man (right…) who shot him in cold blood. He was a degenerate piss-stain who was in the neighborhood visiting his deadbeat father’s girlfriend. He got shot by a man he attacked. His neighbor’s say he was standing over the man (who evidence shows never threw a punch) and he got put down like the beast he was. The giant stack of roast beef that testified on his behalf was a good representation of my current neighborhood. I know a lot of people who say this case is racially charged, and it is, but these puppet-niggers are so busy drooling over Kim Kardashian’s desert-ape that they actually believe that George Zimmerman is a white man. It would seem the media is doing what it can to isolate the white population in Dixie. 

This leads me to Exhibit B. The media’s heinous treatment of Mrs. Paula Deen. It is seemingly ok for Trayvon’s fat mongreless to say “cracker” and we are to accept that as a “cultural” thing, whereas Paula Deen says “nigger” and she is being treated like a leper. She has done more for the black community than any of these so called “stars” in the so-called “black culture”. Paula Deen gave them a job, where they earn money that wasn’t handed to them. She rewarded hard work with promotions and gave them a chance to advance themselves professionally and personally. None of the rappers are out there paying blacks to learn transferable job skills to provide for themselves. They are promoting dealing drugs and robbing people who work for a living. Her biggest mistake was ever giving the black community any sort of a chance. She was too nice to a people who are incapable of gratitude. She doesn’t deserve what she is being put through. 

I find it interesting that the media has been pushing the division of whites and blacks in the South. Is it because they know whites here will not take it? Are they going to try and use the massive unrest the Trayvon Martin verdict will cause to implement martial law in Dixie? They know that blacks are reactionary and they can simply flash a few buzz words on a television to get them riled up. They also know that the blacks would be overpowered to an extent they cannot currently fathom. It seems as though the Juden are trying to kill two birds with one stone, so to speak. They are trying to get rid of the bottom of the food chain (organisms that cannot feed themselves) while at the same time trying to attack the largest bastion of private gun ownership on the planet. America cannot fall while Dixie stands. The Jews have known this since the beginning. Its time that we recognize this and brace ourselves. These next few years are going to be big. 

The world I raise my son in will be vastly different from the one I grew up in. I think he will be one of a generation with a greater racial identity than the previous. I am a naturally optimistic person. I do not discount the trials and hardships we will undergo during these times, but, I honestly believe in my heart that we will rise above this challenge as we have from every previous attempt to conquer us. I think white people are starting to wake up. It is a slow but sure event. This happens every so often. Europeans wake up in droves to the systemic attack the Juden are undertaking on a daily basis. When we realize it, we deal with it. Europeans around the world will soon realize the truth, so long as we never stop speaking it. 


6 thoughts on “June 2013

  1. Not only is he a Puerto Rican Jew, but one of his grandfathers is a nigger. He’s a Puerto Rican Nigger Jew. What a combination! Though from an overview of what happened, George Zimmerman did nothing unusual at all and was fully within his legal rights.

    Trayvon Martin also had a previous suspension for getting into a fist fight with the school bus driver. His Twitter handle was No_Limit_Nigga. He had pictures of himself brandishing a pistol on ratfacebook. Yet another illegal action on this No_Limit_Niggas record.

    ABC news got caught red handed Photoshopping the injuries off of George Zimmermans head in the police station pictures. ABC also Photoshopped Zimmerman’s skin-tone to be quite literally, eggshell white. ABC was also caught doctoring the 911 police audio tapes to insert racial epithets into George Zimmerman’s mouth, as well as cut sections of the 911 operators voice out of the audio to incriminate Zimmerman. Yeah, ABC got caught red-handed doing all of that, and there was no “outrage” over it.

    In the first two weeks after the Zimmerman vs Martin event happened, there were half a dozen recorded flash riots across the country. Two Asians got beat up, 2 white people killed, and a dozen white people hospitalized, by niggers who the victim’s and witnesses said “were yelling ‘Justice for Trayvon Martin’ and ‘This is for Trayvon'”.

    Congratulations on the child!
    My advice.. this world is going to become a real hellhole for any average-strength child to grow up in. You can get weights as light as 1LB, and in 1LB increments. No TV (Talmud-Vision) time. Get those weights and start building his strength as early as possible. Make him a real tough son-of-a-gun so no one wants to mess with him, and those that do, get a can of whoop-ass!

    • Wow! Zimmerman is muddier than I thought! And apparently Trayvon is too! Ill admit I have but a surface understanding of this case, I found the Jewish narrative to be interesting. We don’t have television and don’t miss it either. If my son is ever shown television it will be under supervision to explain the subtlety of Jewish propaganda. That will be later in life and part of his education. I won’t subject him to the declining travesty that is our Jewish organized, African administered “education” system.

      I grew up in Texas and have Green Berets and Marines in my immediate family. I have been actively training in various forms of hand to hand combat for over a decade. I dont say that to be an internet badass, just to say that my boy will be a lot of things in this life, and my primary objective as a bonafide Confederate is to make sure a bitch ain’t one of them. I do appreciate the kind words and positive guidance, kinsman

  2. Admirable article, Mr. Dunn. And congratulations, too, on having a White child to grow up educated against the enemy jews. My sorrow is that I have grown a bit old without finding a suitable wife with whom to have children.

    On another site, I saw it said that the potential race riots — that is, African riots in our U.S.A. — upon a pro-Zimmerman verdict would be a good opportunity in which Whites could deliver some payback on those Africans and on jews. I agree with that sentiment! I like to repeat in regard to the jews: We cannot win if we leave all of the enemy standing. We must reduce that enemy population, little by little, ongoing.

    James Laffrey

    • Thank you, Mr. Laffrey! I enjoy your website a great deal. I am proud to call you my kinsman. Keep up the good work!

      I agree that if blacks want to take out their aggression, they will likely attack whites. To be more frank, they will increase the rate if violent attacks against elderly whites and gang beatings against outnumbered whites. I will not tolerate any attempt to harm any member of my family, that includes my race. If blacks want to protest the results, whatever, they have the right to do so (lest we forget white men gave them that right) However, if they choose to get violent, ill have no problem with spending a few shells to thin their herd and protect what I hold dear. If the blacks want a race war, they should try to “warm up” with another race first. We are the descendants of the greatest warriors in world history. They are the descendants of “men” who cowered in the face of adversity and got shipped around the world to do yardwork for free. Let them come. Georgia is the antithesis of a gun-free state. This is one of the primary reasons why.

  3. Zimmerman is not a Jew. His step-father is. He’s a Catholic. He does come from a family of Mischlings. His stepfather, by the way, was ready to throw him under the bus almost immediately. The Jews totally pimp for Negroes, no matter what.

    Read Jew or Not a Jew’s “take” on Zimmerman. St Skittle’s thuggishness matters not a whit.

    By the by – Deborah STEINBERG the Jewdge, is doing everything possible to throw the trial

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